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CCA Full Set

Complete set of the above CCA documents & guides.Includes: CCA L-1, CCA S-1, CCA 5, CCA 17, CCA ..

CCA Guide 1993

Recommended guidelines for the provision of geotechnical information in construction contracts ..

CCA01 (2021)

Stipulated Price Subcontract ..

CCA16 (1992)

Guidelines for Determining the Costs Associated with Performing Changes in the Work (1992)..

CCA19 (2011)

Stipulated Price Sub-Subcontract(2011)..

CCA25 (2001)

A Guide to Project Management Services(2001)..

CCA26 (2016)

A Guide to Construction Management Contracts (2000)..

CCA27 (1997)

Guide on Construction Environmental Management Planning (1997)..

CCA28 (2009)

Guide to Improving Cash Flow in the Construction Industry (1996)..

CCA50 (2003)

Prime Contractor's Guide to Project Financing and Project Security (2003)..

CCA51 (2008)

Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Subcontracts (2008)..

CCA52 (2008)

Joint Venture Guide (2008)..

CCA53 (2008)

Trade and Contractor Guide and Checklist..

CCA61 (2008)

Risks of pre-purchasing Equipment & Materials for Construction Projects (2008)..

CCA81 (2001)

A Best Practices Guide to Solid Waste Reduction (2001)..

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